Sunday, 5 March 2017

Storm Doris – the storm that never was for Maryport

A photo of Maryport Marina in Cumbria

A peaceful day at Maryport Marina in Cumbria.

The forecast that Storm Doris was heading our way gave us high hopes of snapping some dramatic seascapes.

Towards the end of last month, the weather forecasters warned that the fourth named storm of 2016/17 – Storm Doris – was expected to pay us a visit.

We checked our mooring ropes and made sure the fenders were not going to be creaking all night then went to bed expecting to wake up to wild, wild weather...but it didn’t happen.

Opening the curtains revealed calm water in the marina and none of the noise and drama we had been anticipating.

We put the TV on to check the forecast and could see that its impact was being felt all around us.

We assumed we must be in the eye of the storm and waited for it to hit us, but it never did. The wind got up a bit, but nothing like we'd been expecting.

Storm Angus passed us by in November, Barbara gave us a good lashing in the run up to Christmas and Conor, which hit the UK a couple of days later, failed to have any impact on us. Ewan also missed us, so we’ll have to wait to see what Fleur brings – whenever that may be.

Photo of fishing boats in Maryport Harbour in the run up to Storm Doris

Waiting for Doris

It seems the owners of the local fishing boats also believed the Storm Doris forecast and decided not to go out to sea as there were many more fishing vessels in the harbour at high tide than usual when I took Dex for his morning walk.
A photo of fishing boats in Maryport Harbour

Fishing boats in Maryport Harbour at high tide

Meanwhile, work is progressing on the caravan site that is being constructed at the marina. It is just above our mooring on the other side of the promenade.

Photo of work to create a caravan site at Maryport Marina

Work underway on the caravan site near our mooring

During the work, dirt, rubbish and grass seed blew down off the site onto the pontoons and our boat so we will be very glad when it is completed from that point of view. 

However, it will presumably mean that there will be more people using the excellent marina facilities, so we’re just hoping there will be enough toilets, showers and washing machines for everyone.

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