Friday, 17 March 2017

Rolling v folding

Photo of rolled up clothes in a shop

A shop display of rolled up tops.

To roll or not to roll – that is the question.

Anyone who has read my previous posts will know that storage space on Ravensdale – or rather the lack of it - is a recurring theme.

We still have far more stuff than will fit in the cupboards and lockers on the boat and it’s getting more and more difficult to throw things away as we’ve already parted with the items we felt we could live without.

However, Phil has come up with a way to get more clothes, etc. into his storage spaces, or so he reckons. I’ve yet to be convinced.

He went through all the cupboards on his side of the bedroom and rolled up his T-shirts, fleeces, jumpers and trousers and claims this has enabled him to get more things into each space.

Phil also says it makes it easier to find the garments he wants and to pull them out without disturbing the rest of the clothes in the cupboard.

But I still favour the old-fashioned folding and stacking method, which seems to work perfectly well for me, although I have to confess that I haven’t tried rolling my clothes up and putting them back into the same space so I can’t really say whether it would create any more room.

So his side of the room now looks like this –
Photo of Phil's rolled up clothes

Phil's clothing rolls and lots of empty space

And mine looks like this –
|Photo of my neatly folded tops and scarves

My neatly folded tops and scarves

Photo of Cotton Traders display

The Cotton Trader display

I’m still convinced my way is best (no change there then
J), but Phil now claims to have been proved right by a display we saw in a motorway services shop while returning home from our recent trip down south.

Cotton Traders at Strensham Services, just about the M50/M5 junction in Worcestershire, had a display of rolled up polo shirts.

Perhaps I should listen to him on this one then...or maybe not J
Meanwhile, our freezer seems to be improving. The combination of bicarbonate of soda and a freezer deoderiser seem to have done the trick, but we're still a little reluctant to start putting new food into it.

Think we'll just give it a few more days to be sure the smell really has gone for good.
(Edit - Just had another sniff and it still smells so not quite so hopeful that it can be saved now :-()

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